Kinoko Cycles: Death Spray Custom Saffron Road Apr 16, 2014



London-based frame builder Saffron Frameworks recently had this bike painted by none other than Death Spray Custom. Coincidentally, this stainless steel road bike won Best in Show at Bespoked last weekend.

Head over to Kinoko Cycle’s Blog for more!

  • Ian L Richards

    Deservedly so. Incredible!

    • Ian L Richards

      Really diggin’ the new site by the way

  • Evan Hunt


  • I only see 1 (di2) wire going fromt the junctionbox into the frame, how does it control the second derailleur?


      That is how all DI2 bikes are. There is a second junction box near the BB the you connect the battery, front and rear derailleru.

  • jesselash

    Everything that man touches turns to gold.