Death Spray Custom: Marco’s Fork You Apr 2, 2014


Photo by Francesco Dolfo

David at Death Spray Custom does it again! This killer neon fork looks great on Marco’s Cinelli with ENVE and SRAM Red. Head over to the Death Spray Custom blog for more photos.

  • lucasvd

    this page is showing in mobile mode for me. also nice fork

    • DopePedaler

      how wide is your browser window?

      • lucasvd

        Maximized – so 1366. Running chrome. Other pages on theradavist seem fine.

        • should look like this….

          • lucasvd

            Ok now it looks good. Before did not have the AWOL banner or hovering menu, instead was a read header

          • Ok cool – thanks for pointing it out. xoxox

  • Francesco Rachello

    credits go to Francesco Dolfo / L’uomo col Martello