2014 NAHBS: Hometown Manufacturing Hardtail 29r MTB

Aaron from Six-Eleven brought some incredible builds with him this year to NAHBS. Some of which fall under his new in-house line of production tig welded frames. Since fillet-brazed and lugged frames often take a lot of time to produce, and cost more, he wanted to offer his friends, local racers and essentially, impatient people a quick and easy option.

Hometown Manufacturing is just that. A quick and easy alternative to lugged or fillet brazed frames. These bikes are all OX Platinum, no nonsense machines ready to be raced or just plain out thrashed.

Inspired by his old Stumpjumper from his youth, this hardtail 29’r is a throwback to steel MTBs of the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s a straight forward 1-tack machine, complete with Yoke is Easy cranks, machined in the USA. Before Aaron takes it into the woods however, he’ll be tossing a Paul chain keeper on there… My favorite detail however is the hand-painted head tube and downtube logo, done by Richmond’s Sure Hand Signs.

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  • Glenn Weatherson


  • Tim Guarente


  • caliente

    dem skinwallz tho. + dem cranks! sheeeezy!! so fresh!

  • daniel

    pricing? this is exactly what i’m looking for.

    • Probably in the $900 – $1200 range for these frames

  • big Al

    anyone ridden these tires? i have gumwall kenda 8 blocks right now and may try these next.

  • Todd

    I cannot wait to see that one manana in person.

  • Eric Baumann

    so rad

  • Adam Carter

    be still my muhfuckin heart. i’ve almost pulled the trigger on those tires so many times… this has pushed me over jizz mountain.

  • Adan Pinto

    It’s a pity the True Temper sticker doesn’t match the rest.

  • Henrik

    I dig this trend of retro mountain bikes makin’ a return!

  • keirinmax

    Superb! Which Velocitys are those?

  • lex luger

    looks like a good option for bikepacking. I was looking at the Salsa El Mariachi, but this thing is beckoning me.

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    HT/ST angles?