Amgen Tour of California Fans Welcome Back Peter Sagan Feb 19, 2014

… this counts as a #WheelieWednesdayz post, right?

  • Velo666

    So much good bike vibes in this, if only more people got it then town planners would have such an easy job with sorting out transport infrastructure issues :) just saying….

  • mat Terwilliger

    AMGEN,a biopharmaceutical company that makes EPO…wack..SKIP this race and everyone support the USA PRO CYCLING CHALLENGE 2014 in COLORADO.

    • EPO, aka cancer treatment meds. USA Pro Challenge is sponsored by Coke, aka the reason Americans are fat, lazy, assholes. Jussayin’

      • mat Terwilliger

        Shit my mom had breast cancer ,I know what they make and it’s different applications.Bring the colorado race back to the COORS CLASSIC for all I care,but if you think that cyclists have not been slamming a coke during a ride over the years as a caffeine boost your letting that Austin sun fry your brain.Why can’t they just call it the tour of California?

        • Yeah, I know. But the owner of Coors is an avid anti-environmentalist. :-(

        • krashdavage

          I believe AMGEN is the naming rights sponsor. They sell the naming rights otherwise there would insufficient funding to run? Not that I’m an expert.

    • OdaOnmura

      EPO was so 2005.

  • Keith Gibson

    the spare wheel on the low rider is a nice detail.

  • HSam

    Anyone know what the soundtrack is?

    • Doppelgangaz “holla x2” instrumental

      • HSam

        Thanks Warren.

  • Patrick Murphy

    To encourage this behavior, I think Pro Tour riders should get time bonuses for popping wheelies during a race.

  • Thanks for sharing dude!

  • Richard Dreyer