Festka’s Razzle Fleet of Czech Republic Bicycles Jan 7, 2014



At last year’s NAHBS, I showed a glimpse of the Czech Republic-built Festka steel road bike. While it’s easy to get excited about the razzle-inspired paint job, I’m more interested in the Festka story. Both the steel and the carbon frames are made in, painted in and designed the Czech Republic. To me, that’s inspiring.

I’ll catch up with Festka at this year’s NAHBS in Charlotte for more. Until then, head over to their site.

  • Tereza Jarnikova

    Festka is gorgeous, and the worksmanship is top-notch, and they’re made by a former world-class track racer who really knows what he’s talking about. But it’s not really surprising to see good bikes come out of our country – the maker Favorit has been making bikes since 1951, and if you walk around any Czech city, you’ll see these inexpensive, elegant, reliable steelframes as a common mode of transportation. They stopped production eventually, but they seem to be coming back: favorit.cz. Long live Czech bikes, and Czech cyclists!

    • Kuba

      haha, czechs…..

  • Marek

    Good to see Festka here! Talking about Czechs, I travel often there for frame pipes and components as the place with some solid frame-building past. I’m happy to know some crafstmen. Frame-building’s got definitely future here.

  • Dany Majard

    Regardless of the paint jobs, they pay great attention to detail. I had the chance to visit their new location and the place transpired professionalism. Another frame builder (mountain bikes) I appreciate from Cz is SingleBe. They do really nice stuff.