City Grounds: Cinelli Laser Track Jan 6, 2014


Man oh man. This is a grail track bike for most people and City Grounds did an exceptional job on the build! See more at the City Grounds blog.

  • Donatas Pabrėža

    This is insanely good, but those cranks ruin it a bit. That seat post also looks like an afterthought.
    Also Cinelli could have made that fork a lot tighter – like it was on the original.

    • Eddie Jacobson

      Yeah that all that campy really ruins it… wat?

    • non-fluted Campy Pista kills every crank out there! You’re crazy!

      • Donatas Pabrėža

        Those cranks are very unique but they don’t belong on this bike ;]]

        • Did I miss some rule book or something? Can you forward me it so I don’t mess up any of my builds?

          • ZianStudios

            Rule #1: You don’t talk about the fucking rules.

        • Donatas Pabrėža

          Rule #2: There are no rules. Just put some c-record pistas on that sucker and you’re laughin…

  • Thanks for posting John!


    Here’s an original laser, similar build: