Chrome: Reflective Camo 2nd Issue Jan 29, 2014


Chrome’s popular Reflective Camo line has just been updated:

“Our second issue of Reflective Camo is an updated version of how Chrome does camo. For this edition, we found a Swedish M90 geometric camo, and overlaid a rain camo print with a special glass bead finish, which reflects light from up to 100 feet. During the day, these bags appear as Swedish geometric “M90” camo and at night the appearance in light is a reflective rain camo. Developed in limited quantities, the Victor, Citizen and Barrage are available in our versatile Chrome Reflective Camo 2nd Issue. Made in USA. Guaranteed for Life. Deceptively safe.”

Check out the full line at Chrome.

  • trackosaurusrex

    Can it be proven that these are 100% made in the US?

  • Doug D

    wtf! @chrome @ prollyh [email protected]!! camo and refelective go together like shit a bread