Kelli for Cinelli Winged Store Dec 4, 2013



Photos by Kyle Kelley

The Cinelli Winged store contacted Tracko and Kelli to shoot their latest lookbook. Head over to the Winged Store to see more!

  • odenator


  • ding

    sure you look cool.and everything. but put a helmet on, not a cap.

    • Shuuuuut up already.

      • ding

        you are a mod, and be a little bit more professional. John Watson

        • There’s nothing worse than people going around, demanding that others wear helmets. Free will.

          • ding

            JW, how am I going around? This is my second post about helmet. Is it wrong to ask people to wear a helmet? You’re promoting a product, then you have your model riding at 40 mph without a helmet (Chrome Bag – my previous helmet comment). Is this a good message to the young ones? Until you get in an accident, then you’d “shuuuuut up”. Peace.

          • You know what’s funny? Europeans don’t wear helmets. Nor do the Japanese. Yet, Americans feel like it’s a necessity. I’ve spent time in OZ, where it’s required by law and it sucks. But they get free healthcare, so it works.

            People don’t like being told by strangers to “wear a helmet”. Trust me on that. And I thought I’d intercept you before you went around making more comments because frankly, I don’t think it adds anything worthwhile to the discussion…

            Sorry to have offended you but the whole “wear a helmet” thing is tired…

          • ding

            You may ride naked if you want. I don’t care. I don’t have any problems with that. Chrome is an American product. Read what I wrote again. You, my friend, as a mod, telling another user to shut up? Tell me that was very professional. Keep your eyes on the road. Break legs!

          • Sorry for telling you to shut up. People don’t like being told what to do, I understand.
            Happy Holidays

          • ding

            It’s all good. ride safe. Happy holiday.