Movers and Makers: Christopher Igleheart Dec 6, 2013

This video from Swobo and Bicycle Times, profiling Igleheart is amazing!

“Christopher Igleheart is probably the nicest guy in the bicycle industry–but don’t hold that against him. He’s been making bikes longer than most folks have been riding them and he does it a deep sense of understanding and a gracious smile.

We got to know him when he relocated to Portland, Oregon about a year ago and started building custom frames in a shared shop space with Joseph Ahearne. His bikes are simple, but they’re beautiful and they’re strong. He should know a thing or two about making tough bikes as he had a big hand in the building of the iconic and coveted Fat Chance mountain bikes in the 80’s.

Sharing a conversation with Chris about bikes is like taking a history lesson from the coolest professor on campus, who also happened to have a hand in the making of the very history they are teaching that semester. He’s wise, he’s insightful, and he’s probably one of the best people to share a post-ride beer with that we’ve ever met.

Igleheart is the inspiration for the entire Movers and Makers Series and we figured it was right to start off Volume 1 with him. Enjoy!”

Well done!

  • chris campbell

    Just awesome.

  • so awesome

  • Richard Smith

    :) Nice vid!

  • Ben Farver

    Sick! Great work Murph!

  • JordanHufnagel

    I couldn’t agree more! Chris is one of the best guys and so incredibly sweet. Loved the video.