Blue Lug Does Fat Dec 15, 2013



While I love custom frames and supporting local frame builders, the honest truth is, I also really admire brands like Surly, Raleigh, Fairdale and All-City. Why? It’s obvious. They make bikes that are accessible, fun and that’s what matters most: getting people onto bikes.

Of course, with a frame retail considerably lower than a custom one, you can do some pretty special paint or powder. Blue Lug’s custom Surly builds always pique my interest. Bright, clean and a lot more character than the standard, production bike.

This Krampus and Pugsley have me thinking of stripping and painting my Pugs something! See more radness at the Blue Lug Flickr!

  • Don’t powder your pugsley! The limited magma bike as a whole it too good!

  • eric_bones

    Might’ve made up my mind on one of these for my winter crusher…

  • Davey Struthers

    the krampus is so good

  • Jaap

    the orange/pink one is just so damn beautiful..