Porcelain Rocket: Hunter Cycles Fanny Packs Nov 3, 2013


Call it a hip bag, call it a lumbar bag, or just man up and call it a fanny pack. Whatever you call it, they’re practical and yes, I even prefer to use one as a camera bag, as opposed to a backpack while riding. Porcelain Rocket’s new limited run for Hunter Cycles is pretty boss. I can only wonder how to order one?

  • Lee Green

    I love the USA and I love visiting your country but guys there is nothing lamer than “Fanny Packs”……

    • There’s nothing more practical than a fanny back when going for a quick ride, a ride through town, a coffee ride or an after work take a can of beer with you ride.

  • Daniel Moncada

    packs like these are more so ” slings” then Fanny packs. perfect for phone, wallet, keys, tools maybe a clif bar and if you’re like me, an ultra light layer for wind or cold. Very practical then a slouchy bag that doesn’t have much in it or just when you don’t need to carry much.

    • Slings sucks for MTB riding with a camera though. They slide all over, whereas a lumbar pack sits on the hips and doesn’t move. At least in my experience…

      • Jason Ferrier

        So, 6 months later – now you have one of these and carried around your Yashica T4 in Moab. What are your thoughts, John?

        • I love that pack. This weekend, I carried my Fuji X-T1 in it…

  • Daniel Moncada

    ahh yes the off road riding- I was narrowly thinking of road city riding.

  • Scott Felter

    Gotta talk to Rick to gitcha one! :-)

  • Nate woodman

    fanny packs, you put yer crap in there so you can go shred, without a bunch of junk in your jersey pocets, and you can wear a tshirt.

  • Daniel Moncada

    Is the fanny all this company makes?