No 22 Little Wing Titanium Track Bike Nov 8, 2013


No.22 Bicycles just recently completed a build of their Little Wing titanium track bike. If you remember their Great Divide Road, then you know what to expect here. American-made, precision titanium at a pricepoint lower than their competitors.

The Little Wing features a No 22-designed integrated saddle clamp, custom drilled Phil Wood hubs laced to Wheels of Mass Destruction carbon rims, a tapered carbon, undrilled fork and those sick Phil Wood cranks. It’s over the top!

See for yourself below!





  • No. 22_Bryce

    Thanks, John!

  • Lâm HUA

    Love the handlebars, are they custom made, or from 3T ?

    • No. 22_Bryce

      3T Scatto, custom painted by Velocolour of Toronto.

    • 3T

  • D-Unit

    I need some alone time after looking at this bike.

  • PlayWithFire

    Will this frame be a production model?

    • No. 22_Bryce

      It is – available stock in all sizes on our webshop.

  • mattbwhite

    seems like an arbitrary saddle choice

    • No. 22_Bryce

      For the photo shoot we chose a saddle that would best show-off our custom saddle clamp sleeve.

  • D.J. Bolles

    Wow, I’ll tell ya…. I’m not into track bikes( nothing personal, not trying to be hater here or any bullshit) But, this thing is killer, makes me want to try something new. It is sleek as hell and with those Batman handlebars, I’m a fan.

  • Joel

    Designed in Toronto!

  • Ross Gehm

    What fork is that?

  • Alex Forbes

    Those black Phil Wood cranks though…