Down and Orange

This fall, I’ve embraced the hue of the season. Hunter, or safety orange and two brands have done the same: Giro and Rapha, each in their own unique way. A wise man once told me that a *down vest, or jacket could be the difference between an enjoyable ride and an utterly miserable death march.

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When Giro first announced their fall line for the New Road collection, one piece caught my attention, the orange Insulated Vest.


This is a lighter-weight vest that stuffs inside a jersey pocket, has multiple pockets of its own and looks damn nice. The fit on this vest is perfect.


My favorite detail however is the ambidextrous side-access rear pocket with individual pockets inside. It’s a pocket, with a pocket inside of a pocket. Woah.


Minimal branding



Coincidentally, my favorite shoes, the Privateer also came in the same color.


Across the pond, at Rapha, a similarly-colored jacket popped up. The Transfer jacket isn’t marketed as a riding jacket, or a performance piece, but I still found it a worthy garment during the last Brovet here in Austin, where the temperature dropped to 30 and the wind spiked to upwards of 30 mph. It’s a bit thicker in weight compared to the Giro vest, doesn’t really pack down at all, but if the weather calls for it, this jacket won’t be coming off your back anyway and since it’s Primaloft, it’ll stand wet conditions better than natural down.


The Transfer was all I needed in the inclement weather. It, along with a long sleeve jersey, kept me completely warm, without overheating or getting sweaty.

Rapha Transfer Jacket in Orange

The reversible zipper allows you to pack reverse-pack the jacket for storage or transport.



Asymmetrical zip

The Transfer also comes in a vest, which I’ve yet to use, but if it’s anything like the jacket, it’ll make its way onto my back soon enough.

Both products can be picked up at your local Rapha or Giro dealer and online.

*in this case, Primaloft

  • Jordan Trent

    providing it doesnt rain, ref: down jacket, else true misery will ensue

    • This one has a fabric treatment that is water-resistant. Sure, if it rains, you’ll get soaked… but I rode it in drizzle and it was ok.

      • Jordan Trent

        oh that’s pretty cool, its gotta come into its own on alpine conditions though, real nice

        • that guy

          The New Road vest is actually insulated with Primaloft, not feathered down, so it is a little better in the wet.

          • Both are Primaloft, I was just spinning off.

  • Bobby Joel

    Giro’s website pics of the Privateer definitely doesn’t do that color any justice.

  • Chris Lonergan

    Just wondering what the fit is like on the insulated vest? What size are you rocking in the pic John? Cheers

    • Large in both, the same size as my jerseys and t-shirts.

  • trackosaurusrex

    Great Photo!

  • Sean Curran

    Venturing away from the cycling stuff, I really like the LL bean insulated vest (also in orange) as well. No cool cycling specific pockets though, and I always like to support giro too (LL is a great company though). That transfer jacket looks perfect too.

  • FUD

    Hey, look! More boutique clothing for the fashion cyclist. $295 lol.

    • No one has a gun to your head, telling you to buy it.