Yonder Journal: Brovet 02 Oct 28, 2013




Bonking. Everybody bonks bro. We’ve all been there and if you haven’t, then you’re not challenging yourself. Not that I’m proud of myself, or particularly happy to have dealt with the year or so of heckling from co-riders on this Brovet, but hey, that’s life.

After almost a year to date, Yonder Journal just posted the Guide to Brovet 02 and it’s a great read. Not to mention the great photos! Also, if you’ve ever wanted to read someone really dig into my failed efforts, don’t miss it.

See the full Guide for Brovet 02 at Yonder Journal and have a laugh.

P.S. I look hella fat in these photos!

  • Jeremy Horner

    whoa, I was wondering if for some strange reason your group would have to stop in Shepherdstown wv (where I am living) and sure enough.

  • Tyler Shannon

    so rad!

  • i am soooo happy this finally came out been waiting year…

  • KB

    I think calling yourself fat is bad for your soul. I would can it. Since you influence others you are in a position to effect how they feel about their own bodies. Why not make it positive if you can?

    Just a suggestion from a long time follower with a similar build, who also beats himself up over it.

    • quesofrito


    • I’m mostly just noting my weight loss… But I understand.

      • KB

        Which is very impressive, congrats! Excuse my high horse-ing.


    suffering at it’s best.

  • D.J. Bolles

    Nobody looks happy in any of the photos. As mentioned below, suffering at it’s best. Many wish they could do a ride like this and most would probably be ok with the feeling of having “failed” at it. Don’t be so hard on yourself Prolly. So what if you cried a little. :)

  • Dylan Nord

    great story, looking forward to more!

  • This was an excellent read! Lots of laughs.