Ruckus Carbon Access Tool Oct 24, 2013

Ruckus’ Carbon Access Tool is pretty nifty. I got one in the mail as I was heading out for Australia, so I didn’t get the chance to mess with it but everything about the C.A.T. was spot-on. The dudes at Ruckus have a Kickstarter for the C.A.T., so head over and check that out. Or, if you like bidons, have you seen the Joe Biden bidons?

  • jon john

    Does it clip on to a belt loop or does it just go into a pocket?

    • Alex Forbes

      Goes in your pocket. But I think is has a loop attachment that can be put on it that you could attach a carabiner or lanyard to.

  • Eric Munson

    I have one but i have yet to use it. I don’t really pocket my keys. I was thinking i could use one side to screw it over a key ring and use the other for the keys but have yet to try it.