Topanga Trail Ripping

For some self-deprecating reason, we decided to go ride mountain bikes in Topanga, the day after we climbed Mt. Gleason. Nothing like getting out of bed at the crack of dawn the morning after a 100 mile, 10,000′ ride. Was it worth it? Hell yes.

Topanga Creek Bicycles supplied Andy and me with rentals and Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team was our guide. On the agenda for the day: Backbone, J-Drop, Sullivan, Snake Stick, Squirrel Cage and other trails, but first, we’d start the day climbing all of Cheney into the trail system.

Basically, we had a cold start and climbed around 1,200′ in two miles. It sucked and the climbing didn’t stop there, because to go down, first you must go up. We totaled our day with 30 miles and 4,500′. The only thing that kept me from cracking at the end of the ride was the delicious banana bread the guys at Topanga Creek Bicycles had cooked up!

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Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4
Neopan 400

  • Sean Talkington

    Stripes before stars John. Great having you guys!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Those first dozen shots with the shadows and light…man, I can’t even.

  • Robert Ainslie

    A small detail that I appreciate: the shot outside the bike shop that includes signs/distances to places. One is to Cambridge, MA and is measured in “smoots”. That’s a great piece of Boston trivia. The bridge that goes over the Charles River connecting Boston and Cambridge is measured in “smoots”, painted on the sidewalk at the intervals. A few MIT students measured the bridge using a man named Smoot and it’s now maintained and repainted each year. A great inclusion for a place so far from Boston!