Ciamillo Brakes: Made in the USA Micro Calipers on Sale Oct 22, 2013

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Don’t get me started on domestically-produced bicycle components. Be it Japanese, American, British, whatever, if a bike component is made domestically, I’m into it. The world of high-end, performance road gear in the States is thick and I’ve always wanted to drop my kit brakes for something different on the Argonaut or the Bishop…

I think I found the right match: Ciamillo is running a special on their Micro brakes. They’re only $299 from now until October 31st. After that the price jumps to the normal $430. Yeah, you can get Made in the USA brakes that as far as I’ve read, are amazing, for less than the price of Dura Ace or SRAM Red calipers.

Pick up the Ciamillo Micro brake calipers here, where you can read up on the improvements for the new 2014 design.

  • They also make this…

    • Jamie McKeon


  • ezweave

    I don’t know what you’ve read but they don’t do that well in shootouts. Worse than Shimano and only better than SRAM in a few cases. Save your money for something dual pivot… like the EE.

    • Danny Pagano

      Thats another +1 for EE Brakes. Incredible power and great modulation.

      • Yeah, I’ve been looking at those. Was going to get the CAM for the Bishop and EE for the Argo, actually.

  • wilis johnson

    Well, I sold these to get the new Dura ace 9000 right before I went to france, 16k descents were often. I have no regrets.

  • Scott

    Has anyone out there had any real experience using these specific brakes? I’ve read some negative reviews of other Ciamillo brakes but if the kinks have been worked out this is a really tempting offer.

  • Ultra_Orange

    looks like batmans brakes

  • Shakadad

    I just received my Micros and am very excited to get them on my bike. Honestly, I’ve had Zero Gravity, Negative G, and now Gravitas carbon brakes from Ciamillo, and all have worked very well (including super steep descents at speed on Levi’s Granfondo, for example) for modulation and power. The original zero Gs seemed to have a little bit of play in the pivot after a while, but never really noticeable on the bike. The Gravitas carbon brakes are she I’m running on my main bike now, and they’re really powerful and rarely need to be adjusted due to being single pivot.

  • Michael M

    Hi Ted. I have tried for months to get you to send me my
    breaks and upgrade kits.

    From one of the many e-mails I have sent I expect one set of
    Limited Aged Ti Finish Micros (or red micros), 2 Micro Cam Upgrade Kits, and
    extra spring set for my Gravitas breaks to make up for the price change (I paid
    $459 for the breaks that are now $279)

    Copies of the two orders are provided below

    Order #1145 for 2 Micro Cam Upgrade Kits. $158
    each plus 11.90 shipping for a total of $169.90. This order was placed on
    January 25, 2014

    Order #1547 – You said that you would send me a set of the Ti
    breaks and an extra spring set for my Gravitas breaks as a make up for the
    price change. – Order #1547 for a new set of red GSL micros.
    I paid $459.00 each plus 11.90 shipping for a total of $479.90.
    This order was placed on April, 30 2014 – In August they were selling for

    PLEASE, TED, send me the products ordered.

    • Erik B

      Did you ever get your brakes? I’ve been waiting a month for a set and seems like he’s gone MIA.

      • Michael M

        I received my breaks and parts about a year after I ordered them, and had to shame him to get them. Too bad, as I have tried other breaks and find these to be one of the best, if not the best out there, much better then stock Campy, SRAM or Shamino. Never tried EE, but $650.00 seems a bit much…

        • Michael M

          Also, I have 5 sets of his breaks, one Zero, one Gravitas and three Micros…

  • Scott

    Scott Corry – 08/27/15 – 2:17pm
    To anyone who reads this be warned. I pre ordered a set of Ted’s apparent new carbon levers and paid for them in July of 2014. He has done nothing but promise and lie and lie again. He has now ignored all mails and calls and has my money $499!!!! In effect he’s a thief, cheat and a liar! anyone who deals with him condones these actions.

  • Rob Grissom

    Scott Corry, Thought I would find you posting else where. Going around to every Facebook page and website that has anything good to say about any product and then accuse said content producer of collusion ” anyone who deals with him condones these actions” is in itself tantamount to libel . I blocked you from my Facebook page due your behavior.