Cadence: Bamboo Tall Socks Oct 1, 2013


I have a thing for socks. When I go to a shop, I usually walk out with at least two pairs. The longer, the better (to a certain point). Merino is preferred but bamboo are totally fine as well. Which is what Cadence chose to make their newest run of socks from. Scoop up a pair of tall or low Cadence socks today!

  • Jynweythek

    These sold out a few days ago..

    • Justin Weeks

      They aren’t sold out…

      • Jynweythek

        Just restocked

        • They were restocked when I posted this!

          • Crihs

            wait you work for Cadence now?

          • No.

          • Crihs

            So serious …

          • Don’t worry Crihs, I’m a professional.

  • I’ve been meaning to ask ever since I arrived in LA… WTF is with this long socks + cycling shoes thing? To me, the best socks are so low as to be invisible, as if I’m not wearing any. Or is that just us Europeans?

    • What does the peloton wear?

      • Ah, so it’s a westside Fred thing then. Gotcha.

        • Why do cyclists shave their legs if they don’t race? It’s a look / tradition thing. Also, socks give you compression while riding. Your feet swell with blood when you ride, so tall socks alleviate that as well.

          • I’m just teasing, dude. Many Californian men do seem allergic to showing a little ankle-bone though. It’s really quite odd. I don’t shave my legs btw. I’m not fast enough, and I never* crash.

            *Totally gonna crash later today

          • ZianStudios

            when you do crash, you will remember this and laugh

          • Crihs

            makes you go faster duh!

    • Jynweythek

      Sock tan lines, so you can shoesockcombo without the socks.

    • Chester A. Arthur

      Hunh? It *is* a Euro/pro thing. Go look at photos of the current pro peloton in action. High socks are ubiquitous…universal, even.

      • Not all us Europeans are pros. Nor do we all use professional sports imagery as a guide on how to dress…
        I had no idea this would be such a can of worms. Very entertaining!

        • Wait, is the UK “European”? I thought ya’ll were just “British”? ;-)

          • We’re only British when it damn well suits us. And I’m English when push really comes to shove!

        • Chester A. Arthur

          My point is that the high socks is not a Fred thing, as you speculated in another comment.

          It’s precisely the opposite of a Fred thing.

          To each their own, but if you’re riding with your invisible socks, the snotty pro-aspiring roadies will all look at you as a Fred…or a triathlete.

          I presume that’s of little concern to you. Nevertheless…you asked the question…

  • eric_bones

    These are awesome. No such thing as too many great cycling socks.

  • Velo666

    I have heard that tall socks turn you into to a sexual tyrannosaurus!

  • Nick

    Hey Prolly – what size do these come in? I’m an 11. No info on their website. Cheers from Melbourne.

  • Jacob Rodriguez

    Tall socks might screw up my aero, oh well I’ll still get a pair.