BAUM Cycles Corretto Road

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’ve got a hard-on for BAUM’s work. Ever since visiting their shop a year ago, I’ve been paying very close attention to the torrent of work that flows into their Flickr stream.

Maybe when I strike it big in the “industry” and move to OZ, I’ll have one of my own, but the likelihood of that happening is slim. Until that day comes, I’ll just enjoy shooting photos of beauts like this Corretto road bike and hastily take it for spins around the block from Shifter Bikes in South Yarra until I find the perfect wall to shoot it against. In this case, I opted for brick, instead of this black wall.

Side note: people ask me why I use walls for bikes like this. The answer is simple: I can’t afford to replace anything on this bike if it were to fall over…

  • Jack Luke

    Baum or Firefly, you gotta chose. Cruel, but amusing.

    • Good think I can’t afford either!

      • Jack Luke

        Pah, pussy’in out! (:

    • Richard Smith

      Baum for me, easy.

      • Todd!

        There is only one thing better than a Baum. One more Baum. I live by the theory of B+1. ;-)

  • Guest

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you’ve got a hard-on, it takes a microscope.

  • #BAAW

  • Tyler Shannon

    Good lord, this is a dream.

  • Vladimir

    well done

    • bleui

      is this photoshopped? it has level top tube now?

      • Not photoshopped… if you look at the brick line, you can see the top tube slopes back slightly.

      • Michael Wilson

        Baum’s are all custom geometry

        • Vladimir


          • idiotic and ugly. ;-)

          • Vladimir

            yes! but NANO-sloping is very smart :)

          • Todd!

            So is Darren Baum. So hence he built a bike to the riders request for handling, etc.

      • this photo is photoshopped and it looks like doo doo (seat stays are too low at the cluster)

    • Vladimir

      but, is it better?

  • kasual

    lawd lawd lawd those welds…

  • Jaron Moore

    Really dig that blue. Rad bike.

  • Green Solution Collective

    NIce bike! How much did you buy this?

  • jamie

    any ideas what bar tape this is ?

    • Fizik

      • Todd!

        It’s a 3T bar tape – see in one of the shots it has a white 3T bar end. They use it on quite a few builds recently. The Microtex “Buff finish” on Fizik doesn’t have the blue in the perforations.

        Beautiful bike. I don’t think it gets any better than a Baum Corretto. Will you get down to see the guys? If so, you can ride my bike further if you like. (It’s insured :-P)

  • Richard Smith

    If this bike was built with Dura-Ace, Lightweight wheels, and a proper Cane Creek headset it would be my dream bike. Mmm

    • Hey, he wants precision, clearly. Hence the Chris King… ;-)

    • Todd!

      Chris King or Tune are standard issue. I use Tune on mine. Had no issues across all of my bikes. Got CK on my CX bike that I’m building for the first time. See how I go. I like the simplicity of the appearance of the Tune.

  • Steve Gibson