Gomi’s 2011 Speedvagen ‘Surprise Me’ Road

You know a steel bike is utilizing the most in technology when an accomplished raconteur like FYXO assumes it’s made from carbon fiber. No kidding. When Gomi rolled into Golden Saddle Cyclery on his 2011 Speedvagen road bike, everyone was drawn to it immediately. What’s not to love about the fabled “surprise me” paint jobs? Or that build. EDGE / ENVE, Tune, EE Cycleworks and Super Record 11 really bring this build in under 16 lbs.

And it’s steel!

See more in the Gallery!

  • Europeantouches

    i love this bike!

  • btdubs

    I would love to know where this part of the galaxy where all these beautiful and (undoubtedly) horrifically expensive steeds are being casually ridden into shops is. The “coolest” bike most people see on a regular basis is a big brand carbon bike, and that’s goddamn sad. I would not expect such a pedigreed bike to be rolling around in Los Angeles of all places… but I assume at least SOME people in Los Angeles have money.

    • Have you not seen all the rad bikes I’ve posted in LA? Los Angeles has the best riding in the country, hands down and great riding = home for exceptional bicycles…

    • hans

      there are a shit ton of rad bikes regularly at Golden Saddle.

  • Majaco

    Gomi always has the dope builds

    • Chris Ikner

      Majaco! I wanna come to Austin soon. BBQ Overdose when I get off the plane
      Thanks John Prolly for snapping pics of the bike. Maybe I should have cleaned it up a little bit. Rode thru a dirt trail the day before.
      Off road adventures on Veloflex roubaix 25c tubular tires, is quite fun.

  • Guenther Antonio

    Gomi-san’s SV is the shiznit! Hey Mr. Watson you ain’t seen nothin yet….

  • Ed