Donhou Bicycles: Experiments in Speed Jul 24, 2013

Here’s the full edit of Donhou Bicycles‘ Experiments in Speed. Don’t forget to check out the Tristan Holden’s Guest Gallery of photos from this shoot.

Such a rad project. Congrats to all parties involved.

  • James Bolton

    I absolutely love this. I can’t wait to see him give it another go.

  • Dylan Wright

    Love this. Scary when his bro accidentally changes down to second! A refreshing clip. Something other than got my own logo got my own opening titles got my crew we got our own kit riding around yeah breh. It’s starting to feel like ‘The Warriors’ around here ha. Love the site regardless & your photography.

  • Western Rapid

    Great video – love that it’s actually telling a story, rather than just throwing a lot of nice images at us and hoping we’ll believe it’s got ‘cred’. Donny’s such a humble bloke – outstanding that he’s done something as ‘out there’ as this, it’s amazing.

  • Roberto

    anyone know what those adidas cycling shoes are? those are seriously the sickest shoes i’ve ever seen

  • Superchampion

    Brilliant. As a fellow Brit its great to see this going on, and yes those shoes are sick…lol