More Bike Raising: The Needle Gate Project Jun 27, 2013

The Needle Gate Project just exudes good vibes. A group of riders are pedaling from Seattle to SF (the Needle to the Golden Gate) for She Dances, an organization that provides holistic restoration for young girls who have been trafficked and sexually exploited…

Check out their video above and click-through for more info.

  • Daniel Stonehaven

    So rad. Love it when cycling is combined with do-good. Safe travels to these guys. Get up and donate to this project.

  • pattyjo

    Are 100% of the donations going to the charity, or are they also paying for the trip itself? Why don’t people just donate to the charity, and that way a large sum of money will not be used to support 3 friends’ awesome riding trip. However, if they are paying for the trip, and just raising awareness and all the donations are going to the charity then more power to them. I hope they have fun sounds like a good time take lots of pictures.

    • Joshua Stinger

      Hey Patty, all the proceeds are going straight to She Dances and we’re covering our own trip expenses. I agree that some put up fundraising rides like this as a facade to fund their own expeditions but that’s not us. Bike Raising hosts and promotes cycling events to raise money and awareness for small non-profits that need a boost. We don’t do this for a living. We do it because we love cycling and see a great opportunity to make an impact on an organization doing amazing things for young girls who otherwise would be someone’s slave. We’ll be taking tons of pictures and doing daily interviews so grab the $5 perk and you can see how our bodies deteriorate over the course of 15 days.

      • pattyjo

        I stand corrected. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being such a cynic, I work at a shop and we get these requests all the time, and most of the time the donations are paying for the trip, and only left over money goes to the charity.