SWRVE_BLK Lightweight WWR Lightweight Shorts May 21, 2013


The SWRVE_BLK label products epitomize made in the USA, technical cycling wear. Check out their newest offering, the WWR lightweight shorts. Just in time for summer!

  • I thought only their Blk Label was still made in the USA.

  • I thought only the Blk Label stuff was still made in the USA.

    • I think you’re right… but I like SWRVE anyway because they make small man sizes, unlike Mission Workshop, Cadence, and Chrome.

      • Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I’m wearing a pair of the knickers as we speak. Still high quality and cut properly. Can’t go wrong with SWRVE, just wouldn’t plug their whole line as US made.

        • “SWRVE_BLK label products epitomize made in the USA” where did I say that the whole line was made in the USA?

          • tenuous

          • My fault, when I read the linked “wwr lightweight shorts” I wrongly assumed the shorts in question were not part of the BLK line. Regardless you are correct that your statement was specific to that part of the line.