We’re Back in Shanghai Apr 4, 2013


Last night, we arrived in Shanghai, where we’ll stay until Monday night. Saturday night is the Mission Workshop party at Factory 5 where I’ll be displaying some of my favorite digital photos from the trip. There will be mountains of free beer, good music and great people. If you’re in Shanghai, roll through!

Unfortunately, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and even Gmail (sometimes I can load it up) is blocked in China, so regular blog posting won’t commence until I’m in Australia on Tuesday (your Monday). Thanks for understanding and if you sent an email, there’s no need to forward it again and again, I received it…

Expect some more Shanghai-related posts to go up periodically over the next few days, including bike portraits, so stay tuned.

  • Rob

    Appearing at any events in Melbourne?

    • I’ll be at hella events in Melbourne. I think Shifter Dan is trying to organize something as well.

  • Lemontime


    • Not this time. :-(

      • Lemontime


        • I’m flying across the globe – you can drive a few hours!

          • Lemontime

            You’re flying across the globe – you can fly one more hour! How long are you here?

          • From the 8th fill the 22nd

  • Brian

    Don’t forget to visit the Sex Museum! Fun thing to see then take the futuristic monorail thing to Pudong.