Do the Cyclists in California a Favor Mar 9, 2013


Photo by Jesse Carmody

As much as I’ve been posting about various interviews with myself this week on the site, I can assure you that I want the content here on PiNP to support cyclists and companies. One of those ways we can all come together to help cyclists in California and beyond is by supporting the three foot law. That’s 36″, or approximately a meter. That’s space that can save lives. Think about it, the average opening to your home is 36″… it’s a meager request. If this passes in California, it’s a great benchmark for other states. I know Texas needs this too!

Please sign this petition!

Thanks Kyle!

  • dontcoast

    As the petition indicates, the governor allready vetoed this law, saying it was up to caltrans.
    Tell the governor to get it together and put cyclist safety first!

  • bandle

    Californians also need to be aware that the state legislature is currently considering a bill, AB 738, providing immunity for public entities and their employees for consequences of an injury caused to someone riding a bicycle.  Please urge your representative to put a stop to this bill.  More information can be found at

  • wow, THE one thing on which FL beat Cali to the punch.  not that motorists respect and adhere to the law, nor does law enforcement factor in to any given collision.

    • Jordan Freymiller

      100% true. love the law but until you’ve been hit and the driver speeds off leaving you with zero information to go after them, this law will do nothing. start holding the responsible party responsible and maybe this would work.
      still gonna vote so cross my fingers