Necronomicog Kits Have Shipped, For Real This Time Feb 5, 2013


This is just an update so that everyone stops emailing me, wondering where the kits are. I know you received your shipping confirmation almost three weeks ago, when I paid for the postage. Apologies. I should have delayed the shipment email until they were ready to roll. Then you would have only waited a few days. Well, I just got word that all the kits were shipped out today but it’ll take a few days for USPS to update their tracking information.

That said, I hate the USPS’ tracking system. It doesn’t work, so before you freak out, just know that your kit is en route. Give it a week for the USA and yeah, sometimes it takes up to a month for international. If you haven’t received your kit in the USA by the end of next week, email me and I’ll look into it.

Seriously, thanks for being so understanding. Pre-orders usually have a few hiccups but I didn’t want you to wait this long…


  • USPS doesn’t really have a “tracking” feature like UPS does. It’s really just delivery confirmation that may perhaps show a stop or two along the way from drop-off to delivery, depending on the whim of the processing center, time of day of your inquiry, wind direction and Jupiter’s alignment with Mars. 

  • Can’t wait to get mine!

  • No shipping credit or photo credit! Bullocks!