Regular Riders 02

I haven’t spent this much time in Austin since last summer, and it’s got me out and about every day with the Hasselblad, shooting rider portraits for the Rapha Survey. Here’s a group of a few recents that I thought turned out great.

Recent Roll: Regular Riders 01

  • Lee is the dude!  Never had a problem East Side Pedal Pushers couldn’t fix.

  • well executed as always John.

  • That schwinn klunker looks like so much fun!

  • A wild guess #3 did not watch the Oprah interview 

    • Spoon the Goon

      I think John did a great job addressing the concerns from a majority of cyclists, a week ago. I understand that comments like this will generate reactions/people viewing/following your Twitter account, but at some point it should be let go.
      “Here’s your daily reminder to simply not read the comments.” 

    • adie.mitchell


    • No telling how old the pic is, the one of Sara is from months ago.

  • What model is that green bianchi?

  • Christopher Hill

    #1 and #6 are exquisite. The shadows are killer in the latter. 

  • digging all the leg hair & flat-bar cross bikes. Austin is my kind of city.