Regular Riders 01

I’ve been shooting a lot of portraits with the Hasselblad recently because, well, it’s damn good for them. The hardest thing about portrait photography is getting people to just relax and look natural, so I started with my friends. Here’s a quick look at some recent portraits I like to call “Regular Riders”. These people are some good friends and they just love to ride. It’s a work in progress and I’m already learning a lot about shooting with this camera. If you see anything you can critique, please do so! Or if you like a particular one, let me know.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Fantastic shots man! Especially the last one’s a great shot. Composition and shadow & light work great!

  • Aaron

    Shooting portraits on 6×6 is really one of the best simple pleasures in life. Man those are sharp!

  • Truly great stuff.  Would love to see a series with as many Austin riders as possible, similar to what Munich did , I am sure you could get all kinds of riders to pose with their bikes, I would.

  • Hans

    cool photos man. the light’s perfect in all of these. if you need an xpan to mess with the next time you’re in LA then hit me up. you just have to shoot my purple serotta though :)

  • dancakes

    luke and sky!

  • How are you digitizing these? Do you get scans from the processing lab or are you doing them yourself?

    • Developed and scanned negatives.

      • What scanner are you using? I’m looking for something to scan 35 and 120 negatives. 

        • Epson V500 – but these were scanned by the lab here in PDX…

  • I love these shots and this concept, please keep it up! 

  • Giovanni Pirajno

    Amazing portraits! I love the expressions on the subjects’ faces. Great timing with the shutter.
    Love the color contrast of the Zeiss too!

  • Mrplugs

    The one of Sky outside of Velo is awesome

  • Cheung7710-7710

    Gorgeous. How did you put the people at such ease when your camera is not exactly the most discreet?

  • Robert

    Awesome Bongripper shirt!

  • Matt White

    loving the rough but subtle borders, finessed and gritty