Horse Cycles: Blue Stainless Touring Bike Jan 4, 2013

Photos by Nate Mumford

Thomas from Horse Cycles had this in his shop when I visited him back in October and let me tell you, that blue pops even more in person. Check out more of Nate’s lovely photos at the Horse Flickr. I really like that rear rack. Nicely done man.

  • thanks bud.

  • Gregory Fisher

    Excellent rack there. Nice to see a new take on something so functional. Any chance of seeing those on the market?

  • Icicle_bay

    Beautiful bike. The racks are gorgeous. The bag bumper on the rear is a great idea and it blends in well. Why are the pads backwards? Great job. I hope it’s going to a good home.

  • rear rack has Bauhaus all over it!  spectacular!

  • That front light cable probably induces more current than dynamo itself :))

  • Nice Rack!

  • oh damn, that’s so nice!

  • so nice