Horse Cycles

Thomas from Horse Cycles has come a long way since his first track frame. It was about 5 years ago when I met him and in that time, he’s gone on to build touring bikes, road and townies. His new shop, located in Bushwick carries its own character. With rent prices through the roof, builders are forced to deal with tight, cramped quarters.

There’s more in store for Horse Cycles these next few months, with a new storefront planned and a complete city bike package, Thomas is going to have a busy winter. I caught up with him before I left for Philly, for the Bike Expo to see what he’s been up to. Check out more photos of his workshop below.

  • AdamEldridge

    It’s gotta be hard for the NYC builders. Come to Columbus and pay 400USD a month all utilities included. 

  • recur

    I love that cat.

    • We both agreed the cat would be a hit.

      • mr. stinkums 2.0

        shop cats are a must.

  • Javon

    I really appreciate the photos you take on your shop visits. It shows how much work these builders are putting in.

  • sprint4burritos

    I love that Thomas is getting some great exposure…he made me a fine burrito-sprint (and burrito-hill climb, and burrito-century, etc.) machine with a bunch of innovative and artistic touches. And what a blast to see the bike come together from drawing to tubes to lugs/fillets to finished product with my own two eyes…

  • prolly is now a catnip blog