Hufnagel Cycles for Ace Hotel Portland Dec 17, 2012

This came out pretty rad. Jordan Hufnagel for the Ace in PDX:

“Jordan Hufnagel is not only our friend and one of the raddest people on the globe, he is also a top shelf bicycle crafter. Before setting off on a homemade motorcycle toward South America this summer with no possessions and no plans, he made a fleet of four beautiful bikes for Ace Hotel Portland with his bare hands.

We caught the process on film, and rode them all over to the hotel from his workshop in SE one late summer’s eve. Along the way, we met cop horses, innocent standers-by and a long-lost part of ourselves, it seems. When you’re staying with us in Portland, you can rent one for the day and roll in style. They have a nice rack on the front (not that kind!) so you can pick up loot and local goods along the way.”

Thanks for sharing Kyle!

  • what kind of racks are those?

    • Probably made by Hufnagel.
      But check out TCB Racks.
      Also made in Portland and pretty similar.

      • those are not tcb. I don’t think Tad is currently making racks.

        •  I think Jordan worked a deal out with Merry Sales, so I’d guess that they are Soma. 

  • Cullen Honan

    My uncle works at the Stump Town in the Ace. Awesome building!

  • Fuck!
    So sick!

  • Great builder, fantastic collection of bikes. And Kurt Vile too, perfect…

  • inb4 they all get ganked from j.a. lock jobs.

  • Ian Stone

    I wanted a Hufnagel so bad. I emailed and called more than once and never heard back. Decided to go another route instead. I guess you have to personally know him. :/

    • He hasn’t been taking bicycle orders for over a year now…

      • Ian Stone

        I guess that would explain why I haven’t heard back. It would be nice if he put that somewhere visible on his site. Thanks for the info!

      • lol, so it goes in neverland.