Christian and His SKYLMT FGFS

Christian from Golden Saddle Cyclery is one of the raddest kids I know. He’s a hard worker, smart and a real ripper when it comes to FGFS. Even though Kyle and I give him constant shit, truth be told, we’re both damn impressed with his character and work ethic.

Before I left town, I went around the corner from the shop to shoot some photos of his SKYLMT, along with a few shots of this gap he hits with ease. Check them out!

  • Such a sick build! Great photos, great bike, great kid. 

  • thats a btichin stem dood

  • Damn, shots make me miss LA


  • Donald Stevenson

    That last shot is perfection. My new desktop instantly. Thanks for the visual poetry.

    • that 2 STOP signs makes this photo perfect!

  • Ronnie Garcia

    Super Toughness Chain? Love this build.

  • perfect!

  • Christiaan2414


  • Charles Westcott

    what kind of peg/nut is that? saw it somewhere a while back…

  • Nice bike.
    It’s hard to think of a less-endangered breed of bike than the track bike right now.