For some reason, a group of us decided to try out this ride. A “brovet” if you will. Doing 120 miles is easy, doing over 350 in one swoop is a little more difficult. Doing it in the wake of a Hurricane, over the Appalachian mountains is, as we found, even more difficult. I unfortunately didn’t plan on Sandy and showed up to Pittsburgh with arm warmers, leg warmers, shoe covers and wind-proof gloves. Bad times! But it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, right?

More on this project to come, but for now, #GoYonder and check out some select shots in the Gallery.

  • Jack Luke

    Looks savage, what an adventure!

  • Thebikelab

    Good times. How long did that take? Strava link?

  • how’d you guys end up dealing with the broken seat post?

    • samurai apocalypse

      Also curious about this.

      • There was one in the photo van, coincidentally

  • lurv this.  last time I did a trip like this was waaay back in 2009. time to do another!

  • Another gem:

  • dgmtc

    That shit cray. Inspiration for sure.

  • In this hell of a season…

  • Joshua Robot

    Holy heck Prolly, 350 miles in one go is bad enough. . . but with Sandy in the mix, fahgettaboudit.

    I doft my cap to you sir.

    • The story, at this point, has to remain vague but we didn’t do the whole 350…

  • thanks for reminding me why i live in Texas

  • Jmjr

    shot #12 with the mirror is a really excellent photo

  • I like those helmet reflectors in the final photo.  Is that a reflective sticker set or is that an actual helmet?

  • iStone

    Did you die?

  • Raidô

  • Blindcarpenter

    what camera is that in #12?

  • Matt Good

    This looks like quite the “quick adventure”.

  • Wish Brad and myself could have tagged along on this one! Epic, but those are the best rides (after the fact)!

  • samurai apocalypse

    Planning to do this trip next summer…

  • quesofrito


    Best way to sum this up, “doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”


  • quesofrito

    photo #10. i wonder if he’s single!