Purple Projects: Silver and Black 44RN 144#47 Track Chainrings in Stock Nov 8, 2012

Finally! As the second installment of the Purple Projects, I’ve teamed up with 44RN on another run of his 144#47 track chainrings. Machined in Boston, designed at 44RN, in Somerville, these rings have been put through the ringer for months. Pick up a silver or a black now in the PiNP Web Shop.

  • Ryan Combdon

    Thanks so much John. 

  • iStone

    Holy shit, I managed to grab one!

    • Johngmartin

      Right place, right time!

  • sold out in: 5, 4, 3, 2, …

    • Ha! Hardly. I made sure to stock a ton.


        The web shop says:
        Total Run Size: 50pcs [30 Clear/20 Black]

        Is that what you mean by a ton?

        • iStone


        • That copy was old. I put this up in my 20 minute layover… Missed that

          • Tyler

            what do you mean?

          • I copied the text from my old post without proofing it.

          • Tyler

            so how many were there? 30/20 like it says?

          • 55 / 55

      • bummed

        i missed out on these chainrings again…i have a job that involves not being near a computer all day.  oh well.  wanted to support you and aarn but looks like sugino 75 ring for me.  i hope aarn is doing another run in the future?

        • …but the silver ones look to still be in stock

          • silver is indeed still in stock…

          • Dagadu

            ..buy the silver and paint it to black, hmmm.

  • Thanks!  

  • Ryan Combdon

    Now, how do we convince Aaron to machine some cogs?

  • alexwebb4

    so fired up!

  • iStone

    You should get some Prolly/Paul bottle openers anodized in purple. Do it!

    • iStone

      With the viking skull, of course.

    • Not Paul

      Done: http://paulcomp.com/bottleopener.html

  • finally! maybe ill get two… thanks John!

  • Nicholas Barrera

    Did anyone else order a chain ring and not receive a conformation email after? :0

    • iStone

      I received one.

      • Nicholas Barrera

         I did not get one, I’m starting to worry!

        • paypal receipt dude

          • Nicholas Barrera

            got them both now, thanks y’all!

    • I received a receipt

  • thanks, everyone, for your comments and support!

    • Tyler

      thanks dude!

    • iStone

      Looking forward to getting my black one in! Do you know if I’d need different chainring bolts if I’m adding it to my Omniums?

  • Ryan Combdon

    Hey John or @twitter-32146308:disqus , Do you recommend setting up with a brand new chain?. 

  • I accidentally bought one even though i want this really bad and its going to make me broke im so excited to get it.

  • Ernest

    Dang I missed it… When is the next re-run? Can we pre-order? 

  • still not received mine send him already an email but he didn´t reply~ what´s going wrong?

    does anyone have the same problem?

    that´s what i got:Status: Processed through USPS Sort FacilityYour item was processed through our JAMAICA, NY 11430 facility on November 26, 2012 at 6:05 am. No further information is available for this item. Additional information for this item is stored in files offline.

    • Ryan Combdon

      I would contact your local Customs office. Could be held there. 

      • Usual you will get a notice from the customs here in germany but nothing there 

        I mean at least he could reply the mail I send him a time ago.
        thanks for help

    • Never got an email? Sorry – send again [email protected]

      • sorry for the trouble john… finally it arrived yesterday it was hold by the customs. 

  • Aaaand they’re gone.