Billy’s Metrofiets Cargo Bike

I can honestly say that I’ve never shot portrait photos of a cargo bike before. Don’t ask me why, because there’s no reason. But when I saw Billy’s Metrofiets cargo bike, I had to shoot it. One of Billy’s many tasks is being the Bern helmet rep for Portland. And since it’s Portland, you have to deliver goods by bike. But this isn’t any ordinary Metrofiets, you might recognize it from NAHBS last year, when it was sporting a gray paintjob and a short cargo bed.

Bern commissioned Metrofiets to replace the bed with a cargo box and now Billy delivers goods by bike in Portland. Which, as he’s found, this time of year, that rain cover comes in handy…

  • pauldomen

    A lot of parents here in Amsterdam use those bikes to transport their children. Haven’t seen on as fancy as thins one though…

  • AJ Tendick

    How are the logos placed? Cut vinyl, paint other? The whole bike look great, love to bikes being used for more than exercise.

  • chriskingbuzz ‘n’ thompson ‘n’ foldfast
    and a brass bell and brooks grips.

  • Nice setup, liking the belt/disc/IGH. crazylong wheelbase, what is that like 9 feet?

  • The real question: is it keg-compatible? 

  • awesome. metrofiets does really great work.

  • Sau Hsu

    earlier this year (march), my lady and I raced a metrofiets cargo bicycle in the castle to hanauma time trial. not only are metrofiets built to last but they are light and responsive enough to place 92nd out of 101 racers.

  • The back end of that bike is so tasty! Those chainstays…

  • Amanda_Sundvor

    After The Subfloor Circuit race, Billy went outside to find about an inch and a half of piss in his cargo space of his bike. I guess people found that more inviting to pee in than the port-a-potty we provided. Serves you right Souphorse.