Mike Giant’s Philosophy on Life Oct 12, 2012

Mike Giant is an artist that a lot of cyclists admire. His work has been shown around the world and his love of track bikes and the imagery associated with them pops up in his illustrations frequently. Check out this recent interview with the SF-based artist.

  • Powell

    So rad. Thanks for sharing this!

  • dig the thoughts on Buddah and Jesus.  Also the basket, i really need that basket

  • Bnvus1

    Giant spittin’ some real wisdom, SF has definitely changed more recently and not all for the good. 

  • aj austin

    Right on, everyone should move to Oklahoma City. Cheap, good punk scene, and no one wants to be there.

  • chicagosteel

    this is the type of “hippy” i can get down with. smart and well spoken and walks the walk. cool interview.

  • lalala

    really? i think i lost a few brain cells listening to the junk he spewed, and i live in the mission

    • Well the Mission is mostly condos now… ;-)

      • lalala

        Really? mostly along Harrison st near the SOMA. All of San Francisco is gentrified, minus Bay View. Its purely nostalgic to dwell on the past. 

  • Tommy Raccoon

    I dig this, but those handlebars/stem he did with Cinelli are 875$. That sounds as exclusive as a gentrified SF. 

    Track bikes, good art, rent / it’s all the same shit… The Sun ain’t gonna shine on a dogs ass if he don’t get out and grind. 

  • duder

    fuck the west and their hapless hippies, Chattanooga’s where it’s at, free high-speed internet. fuck this gimmicky scrub

  • Whaaa

    was that a p*ss take?

  • Solomonsofolawe

    its important to  listen to the parts where he speaks of being christ-like or buddha-like, because what he is getting at is the ability to walk in love throughout every aspect of your existence. That is the way we understand the fundamentals of interconnection, that we are all brothers and sisters. Once you carry that knowledge everyday it makes it harder for one to be hateful, disrespectful or have cognitive dissonance. This is something we as Americans NEED to understand, its crucial because our lifestyles and our ability to look past the reality of the situation is the cause of a lot of suffering throughout the world. We impact, and not in a positive way at all. 

    The second thing he touched on was monetary gain, which is the primary reason why this country or corporations have no heart in regards to human life. It is also the reason why a lot of people do what they do. Sheep. There are many sheep all around us, its the ability to see the herd that will allow you to rise above it. But if your too caught up in it all, in the cognitive dissonance, well you will be among the herd. A herd that seems to be adding much negativity in the world..directly or indirectly.

    Wake Up!