Royal H Cycles Fixed Gear

It’s kind of sad to see fewer and fewer frame builders showcasing track bikes and fixed gears at shows like the Philly Bike Expo. There’s nothing more elegant than a cleanly-proportioned bike meant to travel around the city and this Royal H Cycles fixed gear is exactly that. The colors just pop in these photos. Check out more below.

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  • beautiful

  • Jake

    Do you know what the stem/bar setup is?

  • Nybikejumble

    Nitto stem

  • This is one beautiful bicycle! I wonder why you refuse to call it a track bike. Is it the geometry? 

    • Riser bars I call them fixed gears, just personal preference.

    • Cody

       track bikes have drop bars

  • FIXIE. Oh, I just cheapened the bike. Seriously though, lovely build. 

  • Audreygiro

    Even hetchins co. dont make /refuse to make double crown fork these days ( yes, i tried to order one). Congrats to this framebuilder.

  • Yeahaw

    How much are the invisible pedals and where can I get them?

  • Mccrankset

    There seems to be a gap at the top fork crown and the lower cup headset. Shoulnt it be no gap?

    • Danny

      There’s no gap puto, that’s just how he made it. 

  • Guest

     half link/master link

    • Stronger chain! I would never ride a chain without one…

      • norby

        ???… Mine broke going up a big hill… thought I broke a crank arm. Almost broke a thumb.

  • Thomasslaterillustrator

    beautiful machine! so rare to see an interesting bike like this one wih every single part unused.

  • Thebikelab


  • Jason

    Third image, closeup of chainring, broken link.

    Stunning paintjob.

    • nope, a shadow

      • Jason

        No the actual gallery thumbnail link was broken, it’s been fixed.

  • lets hope that fork is stiff as fuck

  • Jeremymm51

    Stunning bike.About the riser’s,  Having a shoulder injury riser’s feel alot better. Not as much pressure, and the upright position is nice. Its still a track bike just different handlebars.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    dig it! love the fork especially! classy!

  • John Jones

    Why has not a single person bitched about the missing crank fixing bolt dust covers?!?!?!? Also, quick link + half link?!?! were they in some hurry? can someone make a whole chain for me out of quick links? it will be easier to fix when it snaps. 

    • Master links are stronger than breaking your chain. Talk to any experienced mechanic. Even Olympic track racers use master links.
      Even Merckx said dust caps are gauche.

    • The Sugino 75 doesn’t come with the dust caps any more.

      • DMRBRAD

         Split links are supplied with chains for a reason.

  • Benji

    So, so pretty.

  • just saw one of these locked up in SF, first time i’d ever seen a royal H, and with the only black anodized dura-ace quil stem to boot! so clean!

  • Anon

    It’s pretty hard to get toe overlap on a 58cm frame, but these guys have pulled it off. Bravo /s

    • I have overlap on my 60m road bike. I didn’t wanna sacrifice the ride for a slacker trail / HTA

  • Diogenes

    Why is it sad?  Thank goodness builders are concentrating on more practical bikes instead of all this rich hipster-bait fixie idiocy.

  • cmatko

    This is a beauty

  • jr

     gorgeous. yet another amazing royal h bicycle.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    beautiful bike indeed!

  • Chris

    freakin rad!

  • Rafael Peralta


  • Tommy Raccoon

    dat fork!

  • Simplicityofjoy

    What rims are these, any clue? They look like Velocity but I wouldnt think that they use it for such a built.

  • Michael Saucey

    Rims please?