Ross’ Speedvagen Road

Since moving to Austin and meeting Ross, all he’s been talking about was his 2012 Speedvagen build that he was ever so patiently waiting for. In the time he was sitting on the list, he began collecting parts. The Campagnolo group was a no-brainer, but the Clavicula cranks, Praxis rings, EE Cycle Works brake calipers and Alchemy hubs were above and beyond a standard kit, even for Ross. I have to say, I see a lot of balleur road bikes these days but this one is by far a favorite. See for yourself below!

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  • Those brakes are one of the finest examples of “ugly beautiful” I’ve ever seen. I mean that as a total compliment. And those killer dropouts…Damn…

    • K-Train

      Not to mention those and other experimental brake designs have terrible modulation.  Ugly and poor performance all in one overpriced package!  You really can’t get any better than DA 7900 in terms of braking performance, but brakes slow you down anyway..

      • DA is good because any monkey with a wrench can set them up. EE brakes are amazing. If you know what you are doing. All the top notch mechanics I know love them. The monkeys with wrenches, not so much.

        • they aren’t even hard to set up! if you just look at them for 10 seconds you can figure out how it all works, anyone who can’t adjust cable actuated brakes (of any sort) probably shouldn’t be working on a bike…period.

      • have you actually ridden the ee’s or are you just regurgitating something you read somewheres? which wouldn’t even make all that much sense as pretty much every review you will find online has almost exclusively good things to say about their braking performance…7900’s are great brakes, as are campy and sram’s offerings…but they are also pretty boring when compared to ee’s or ciamillo’s, not to mention all made overseas. and yes, once you are talking about spending $200+ on a set of brakes, the “boring factor” is absolutely relevant haha.

        US-made “boutique” parts from ee, ciamillo and even Paul/WI, have an appeal that is a little hard to explain to folks only looking at the bottom line.

        After-all, its a g-d SPEEDVAGEN. Cover that thing with as much “made in the US” as you can!

        • K-Train

          Boring?  What’s boring about functionality?  People love and still use the two decades old Delta brakes, but those are piles of shit just like ee and Ciamalo products. I’ve worked on both many times and despite following their set up procedures, they just aren’t worth the money. Sure they function, but modulation is what you’re looking for in a superior brake, not pure stopping power. Looking great and being light weight don’t make a product superior, sorry dudes.

          • I’ll stick to what the mechanics I know and trust (and have been working on bikes since forever) say.

  • Todd!

    Great looking frame. I’ll get one one day!

  • Congrats, Ross! Now that he’s got a real road bike he’s out there smoking us on routes…

  • Beni

    What brand bar wrap is that?

  • Herr_karl

    not hating at all, fine build, but: rubinos? Are You Fucking Kidding Me? Spending so much money on a serious bike and then this?  Grand Bois Cerf, Green Label. Should fit. Just saying. Make this bike twice as fast.

    • The roads here are shit. Most of the shoulders are riddled with glass. Your fancy race tires don’t last longer than a ride or two.


      • wh

        some 4 seasons will dress things up and handle apocalyptic goat paths atmo

      • Herr_karl

         Then Panaracer Paselas! But Rubinos are the the worst tires i’ve ridden and not puncture resistant at all.

        • Paselas aren’t much better. 4 Seasons, yes. But it’s obvious he blew all his money on parts. Tires will come.

    • Paul

      Rubino’s are rubbish, but the Rubino Pro is actually a pretty good tyre…

  • Chris

    Clearly well worth the wait Ross.  Top notch stuff my man!!!  Congrats
    And beautiful images John, very well done.  

  • Sarcastic

    Digging the frame. Stoked on the build up. Then.. there it was. One gold valve stem and one silver valve stem. At least the cages match the front valve stem. 

    • Vlad

      now the snobs have joined the party. you just had to nit-pick the bike didn’t you? just leaving it at nice bike is too much. 

      • Sarcastic

        joking #bro. Lighten up. It’s obviously a nice bike.

      • poop sauce

        you said that already.  welcome to the internet, where people discuss things they like and don’t like.

  • well dang, now theres a bike! congrats! is there any way to remove the “logo” (if you can even call it that) from those cranks? would look so much better without that weak “clavicula” text…

    • Vlad

      now the snobs have joined the party. you just had to nit-pick the bike didn’t you? just leaving it at nice bike is too much. 

      • lol

      • dude, when a bike is so obviously nice…you have to nitpick, its the only thing left to do! haha shit, i do it to my own bikes, its fun, a constant process of refinement lets call it ;-)

        • I disagree but I’ve got nothing to prove. ;-)

    • you can just sand it off. a friend at serotta sands off all the branding on all his non serotta carbon parts then re clear coats it.

      • yea thats what i was thinkin…ive seen it done to sram carbon cranks as well..which seems like a waste of time as the sram branding isn’t really that bad lookin but THIS…i mean, its like they didn’t even try haha bust out that sandpaper Ross!!

        • I’ll just clone stamp the logo off since it bothers you so much…  ;-)

  • can it barspin?

  • hans

    super good photos John and i love how this thing looks like it was just out on a long dirty ride! everyone seems to be riding that Lizardskins tape, must be the shit. 

  • Craig

    What color is it? Some photos look black, some look like a super rad sewege green mostly grey color?

  • Guest

    What seat mast topper is that? looks like it has ENVE/EDGE logo’s on it but i can’t find it on their website.

    • Guest

      I think it is a Speedvagen mast using an ENVE clamp. 

  • Guest

    Alchemy hubs for the win! 

  • Guest

    im confused and pardon my english but carbon or stil?

    • Steel with a carbon fork, stem and a carbon inlay head tube. Speedvagens are all steel.

  • Delvy

    what type of rims are those?