Jamie Swan Light Tourer

During our ride to Philly from Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of staring down this beauty. My friend Harry Swartzman is close friends with Jamie Swan, a frame builder residing on Long Island, NY. Jamie’s work is very precise, clean, classy and yet, Harry’s bike falls into his atypical character.

Harry wanted a light tourer, with modern lines. A long, slammed stem, with a sloping top tube and fits much more like a road bike than a tourer. Just look at the drive-side elevation. It’s mean! Jamie often prefers more traditional road, randonneur and tourers but I think this frame is exquisite.

  • dancakes


  • Shimanolo!

  • Coyotes Amigo

    That’s a nice bike. Really, bikes like that should be the “standard” bike: fast and fun (I’m assuming this is fast and fun), but comfortable with clearance for 33s and fenders. In other words: the 1980s era Japanese “sport touring” bike is the ultimate daily rider.

  • Johnny Burrell

    Absolutely gorgeous.  This may be my favorite Beautiful Bike yet.

  • sorry, those “modern lines” just appear weird to me. besides that a real beauty.

  • BOSS

  • Nybikejumble

    This bike is fast and fun. No doubt. It rides incredibly well, something i attribute to the care Jamie takes to build the bike straight as an arrow.

  • Nybikejumble

    Also – prolly, thanks for aligning the valve stems.msick composition, bro!

  • Adam Lee

    I’m not big on gears, racks or fenders but I’d ride the hell out of that. It’s so well put together

  • Jack Luke

    I instantly got stressed out thinking I’d found a lug-set that would let me build something sloping before I noticed it was Bi-Lam!

  • Jamie is a class act, I remember him as a customer when I used to work in several shops on Long Island in the 80’s – 90’s. Not sure when he started building, but he’s as meticulous as they come. 

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Nice! Needs hammered fenders and some black brooks tape!

    • hans

       no way! the hammered fender thing is becoming over done, seeing a bike with fenders that match the frame is refreshing and the bar tape is a nice contrast with the rest of the bikes’ colors

  • hans

    is this thesame bike you posted in the photo a few days back announcing you were on your way to philly bike expo? i was hoping i’d get a better look! this thing is sick.

  • Guest

    is it driving anyone else crazy seeing this bike leaned up on its rear fender? arg! stop it!

    • It’s fine. This is not my first rodeo and that bike was leaned up on trees during out Brooklyn to Philly ride.

  • Diogenes

    Nice bike.  It’s a shame that the sloping top tube ruins its otherwise good looks.

    • Sean Curran

      Maybe for you… the rest of us can enjoy it.

      I really hate most the commenters on this site (and bike sites in general and there “rules” of what looks good).

  • What a fun mix of old and new, I especially like the grab-bag of parts. XTR 8-speed gen seatpost, DA7500 rear der with current Ultegra shifters, Chorus square taper cranks with gold ano bolts. Lugged and brazed sloping frame. I’d buy this guy a beer and chop it up talking bikes any time.