44RN: Luxe Wheelworks Joy Tech Skewer Lever Replacement Oct 10, 2012

While 44RN might be known best for his 144#47 rings, Aaron loves to tackle projects, no matter how simple they are. Take this replacement lever for the Joy Tech system, done exclusively for Justin at Luxe Wheelworks.

When you’ve been working with wheels as long as Justin has, you learn a thing or two about skewers and applying that knowledge will merit a sharp product. These will be available through Luxe Wheelworks custom wheel builds soon.

Check out more at 44RN.

  • Jdhhsept

    simplicity is elegance

  • Shartocracy

    I really like Aaron’s design style, and his chain rings are really handsome, but the custom drum kit he built for that kid with progeria is the coolest. What a rad and selfless thing to do. 

  • DTP

    The 1% Skewer for the 1%. How silly and rah-rah. Truly a silly piece, part and whole.

  • Zdfhbzd

    specialized tri cross has had these fuckers for yeeeerrs