Matt Spencer for SKYLMT Sep 10, 2012

I have been waiting for this video since Matt Spencer announced he was riding for SKYLMT. Matt’s really stepped his game up here, blasting his street tech style all over Long Beach, Chicago and beyond. Seriously dude, this is top notch.

This is a PiNP Exclusive video.

  • good edit.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    So good!

  • SKYLMTyler

    This is the best thing to come home to after a 13 hr day at the new job. And that is why I asked him to join us :)!!!!

  • JD

    That hop into the pole jam ride was dope!

  • guest

    not his best edit..

  • Zak

    Not bad… Would have looked better on 700’s.

  • Samuel

    Even if they did not do tricks like this on a BMX back in the 80’s, I do remember a comment a while back. Slow-motion 80’s BMX tricks, this is partly true! Too much hype for nuttin’… 

    • Cool story bro

      • Albie

        Stop beating dead horses.

        This whole fixed gear freestyle thing is dead.

        • You should only be racing your road bike, and cross bike. Fun is not allowed. My ass is too tight to bunny hop. Blah. Life sucks.

          • Albie

            John, in my sincerest opinion; the whole massive blow up of FGFS (Specialized complete bike, Redbull jams, countless companies), though paralleling the rise of BMX to a tee, is doomed to a history of mediocrity.

          • Yes. You’ve made your point. Multiple times. Now you can get over yourself.

          • Guest

            I love it when prolls lays it down.

          • yawn…..internet armchair haters like yourself are the absolute worst and are the ones doomed to a life of mediocrity. The reality is that is is 100 times easier to sit back and a talk shit then actually get out out and do something new. All “action” sports have been hated on in there early stages and have to earn their respect. I see 12-15 year olds picking up fgfs bikes every day and its them that will ensure a future. 

            This was a breathe of fresh air compared to the predictable bar…  edits or even worse..all park edits that have sadly become fgfs.
            Good shit Matt.

  • aj austin

    Matt Spencer is the real slim shady. please stand up.

  • killer

  • Waffles

    really bad.

  • tmnmsteez

    Too much jumping I didnt see nothing special

  • Al3X

    FGFS is its own class, and people needs to stop comparing it to BMX t(-.-)t, haters gonna hate. Nuff said, BTW this edit is solid. props to Matt.

    • Exactly. If its not your thing, why be a dick face about it? Anonymous twats doing nothing interesting themselves.

  • Greenballcrew

    Does anyone know what song this is?

    • Al3X

      Sounds like Antwon to me. 

  • RodeBMXSince80

    I would never in my life pick up one of these bikes and as a cyclist, I would never, ever in my life dissuade people from riding and having fun. This fixie stuff is far from what the average rider can do and I’ll commend them on that. 

    Anyone that rides a bike and tries to bring down others are miserable souls.

  • last clip was soooo good & the whole edit was.
     haters gunna hateeeee


    Bmx lovers that hate FGFS neeed some STeven Jensen dick up their ass. DOPE


    nigga aint riding he’s ripping

  • ZianStudios

    know nothing about fgfs. How does this video compare to tom lamarche’s video for specialized? I felt tom’s was much “cooler”

  • Ronnie

    Not only was this edit full of shred, but the filming/editing was on point. This was a long time coming, and Matt didnt dissapoint. Especially stoked on that 180 axel stall. 


    well.  I usually don’t watch these joints but SKYLMT is my jam so I did.  This dude has a good style and shit’s creative.  My only pet peeve about all the fgfs is stop doing all the slow ass spin around stuff!  It is weird as hell.
    I was psyched on the basketball court line toward the end.

  • Cxbra

    I feel like Matt was really good like 2 years ago when everybody in FGFS was “sort of” good. Now that shits on a whole different level I feel like Matt is getting left behind. Look @ Antonio and Torey and you see them progress every video. I feel like Matt knows he’s in the FGFS game for sure since he helped kick the scene off and puts out mediocre shit because he knows he can and he’s confident he wont lose any sponsors. Go ahead be mad at me, im just tellin it like IT IS. 

    • I think Matt is just injecting his own style into a sport that’s obsessed with barspins and double pegs.

      • scott

        I agree with this. Matt seems to just say fuck it to the usual shit, and I thank him for it. I do think, however, that this edit was below his usual standard of… cleanliness? It just didn’t see as polished as I assumed it would. I thought switching to 26’s would help, but I definitely prefer his ridining on 700’s. I’m glad to see him sticking with his style though. Lord knows it’s refreshing.

        • vin-E

           I actually thought that his riding in this edit was a huge improvement from his last one in terms of cleanliness (not saying that his last one wasn’t)… btw where mah filming creds at dawg?!?! lolz