Well Worth the Break Aug 15, 2012

Look, believe it or not, I actually really love putting up posts to get you through the work day. That said, it’s hard for me to “play hooky” and go ride. While the site was silent for 24 hours, it was worth it… Yesterday, 5 of us headed out of Portland towards Mt. Hood. We took river paths, country roads, and fire roads, which eventually opened up to vistas like this. It was breathtaking. We totalled 111 miles and 7,700′. All this to visit a facility in Hood River where material for bikes are made.

More on this later. It’s gonna be good!

  • wow!

  • Matt

    what was total time on and off the bike?

    • 7 hours moving – not sure how long total – stopped to eat once and refilled water a few times.

  • Slamma

    “hookie” not “hooky”

  • Joshua S.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for road bike and not cross bike.

  • Ricky egan

    who cares how long it took! look at that view!

  • JJ Heldmann

    beautiful! what road is that?!