Victor from Archive Bags and His Raphael Cross Jul 26, 2012

As a small business owner, it’s not easy to get out and ride every day. Victor owns and operates Archive Bags and as a gift to himself this year, he ordered a Raphael Cycles cross bike, strictly for off-road action in GGP. A couple weeks back, he spent the afternoon with Six, who posted up a bunch of photos on his Flickr. Checkem out! That’s a great looking bike Victor.

  • K-Train

    Aw man, reminds me of the “crazy cross” we do in a local park.  Horse trails, gravel paths, gnarly descents into ditches with creek crossings, cliffs you could fall off if you didn’t know they were there (we do this at night).  Beer, legal smokable sundries, and lots of hollering.

  • Geoffrey

    That’s Raphael. Both ya’ll misspelled.