This Flag Hatchet Always Flies Jul 4, 2012

Here at Prolly is Not Probably, I’ll always support domestic-manufactured products. I don’t need the 4th of July to bring about that kind of fervent energy: this Flag Hatchet always flies. The next time you’re looking to purchase  a bicycle or even a backpack, take a minute and think about buying from a domestic manufacturer.

Have a good 4th, blow shit up, drink bourbon and enjoy the time with your friends.

  • That is one beautiful build man.  Really sexy.

  • wade

    Any domestic tire sources of quality?

    • nope, nor chains, nor saddles, nor bars. Not saying you have to go overboard with it, just buy smart.

      • Andy Nisbet

        Salsa makes some pretty nice bars, and they’re an American company. Not sure if the bars themselves are made here though… 

      • Ryan Combdon

        Can you help convince AArn to machine another run of Chainrings?
        I missed out on both pre sales and have been kicking myself since. 

        • i’m thinking about it. just need to get a few projects out of the way first.

          • Ryan Combdon


      • Thomson is putting out a line of bars starting this fall.  nothing track specific but road drops aren’t a bad compromise if you’re trying to be the Lee Greenwood of bicyclists

  • Doctor_Jones_

    Thanks for making the hatchet patches John! I received mine yesterday.

  • Durtyd

    salsa is all taiwan i think. Selle an atomica is al american!

  • K-Train

    Flew the hatchet on my Steelman today. #MUSA


    how did you get that wicked patina on your fork. needs a lil Electric Wizard sticker. that would look sweet if the frame minus the cream white was that patina or vice versa. or just the rear triangle.

  • Guest

    bar and saddle angle are perfect. take notes people.

    • Guest


      • Actually, yes, it is. Saddle is perfectly level. Bars, set perfect for reach.

  • Hans

    fork is the best part. hope you leave it as is.

  • Nvrrrmnd

    where can i find a black shiney bartape?