Chris’ Cyclops Road

If you’ve been following this blog for any extended period of time, you’ll know how much I absolutely love the late Mike Mulholland’s work. There was just something so idiosyncratic, yet classic about his style and how could you overlook that head badge? While I’ve never owned a Cyclops, I once found myself in a eBay bidding war on an old t-shirt, respectfully bowing out at $100… A few months ago, Mike from MASH listed up this frame. After realizing it was way too small for me, I posted about it and a friend here in Austin scooped it up.

Chris took his time with this build. He wanted a modern road group, so he chose SRAM Red, mixed with Ciamillo Cycling Zero Gravity calipers. He even learned how to lace up wheels, selecting Chris King R45 hubs to HED Belgiums. There are a few off details with the bike as photographed here which I’ll go ahead and point out. Yes, the Thomson post is backwards and so is the front wheel. But don’t let those distract you from the double wishbone seat stays!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • fantastic frame and a perfect build, ride the crap out of it chris!

    • Chris

      Thanks Eric.  Big compliment coming from you man!!  Enjoying your adventures through instagram!  Beautiful rides!!

      • i just now put this together, THAT chris! awesome! you lucky dog, that frame is sick!

  • awesome, awesome, awesome frame.  the double wishbones are really unique.  the matte finish is gorgeous.  is there a clearcoat to protect the decals?
    front wheel is backwards?? what am I missing?

    • TyredGuest

      not the wheel, only the tire :p

      • the label on the front hub is backwards = wheel is on backwards.

        • that’s what I figured you meant, just couldn’t see it in the pics.

          • TyredGuest

            Oh, missed that. My bad.

  • fattymcgee

    Amazing. Good Canadian Steel.

    Worth noting that Jocelyn Lovell made some brilliant bikes, too. Been looking for one of those for ages.

  • Chris

    Thanks again John!
    All issues John pointed out have been addressed/corrected (seat post, tire orientation, etc).  No clear over the paint.  Matte paint= awesome.  Decals might take a beating in the future but I’m gonna say that Mike would want it that way!

    • Cyclops called it “The High Tech Flat Finish”. It was a custom option. Clear would have defeated the whole point of it methinks. 

      That frame almost came home with me, you gotta thank the dude who sold it to you for “talking” me out of it! :)

  • Andy

    Why is the front wheel so far off centre ?

  • Peter Andersson

    What type brakes are those? Sick ride!

    • They’re listed in the copy…

      • Peter Andersson


        • James Shetler

          Does anyone have any experience with the Ciamillo brakes? I was thinking of getting a pair but local shops says they don’t work very well with the new Shimano lever and a wider firecrest rim. Any thoughts?

  • Rory Mcwilliam

    If anyone is interested in one of Mike’s creations I have one that I purchased from Mike in 1983. It was one of his team frames and the colours (florescent orange and green) were selected so that when finishing the swim in a tri I could find my bike as I am very near sighted… Ugly but it worked. Groupo is  Campy Super Record.  Purchased in 1983-4…. Moving to New Zealand in the fall and want to sell…

    • Chris

      Hey Rory,
         I’d like to see/hear more!!!  Always interested in Mike’s stuff. Tried to leave my email here but it won’t do it.  You can email me through my website,
         Btw, I am the owner of this Cyclops!

    • size? chris, lemme know whats up!

      • Chris

        Will do Eric, still waiting on Rory to hit me back with details!

    • Extweapon

      Hi Rory. What city are you in? Very interested. [email protected]

  • Markmackenzie1

    guy on toronto craigslist is selling four cyclops frams right meow.

  • Terrterr1

    that would be me with the 4