Endo Customs

Over the past year, the LA-based cycling apparel designers and manufacturers, Endo Customs have gotten a lot of recognition. Personally, I first heard of them via the Golden Saddle Cyclery team. Kyle was adamant about using a local manufacturer to make their kits and they were a perfect match.

While I was in LA, I swung through their shop to check it out with Kelli, who is working on a women’s bib short. Being able to design and manufacture in house by-passes the annoying lead-times you get with overseas manufacturing. Their fabric is sourced from Italy and assembled in house, after graphics are heat-transfered on.

Endo has continued to reach out to the community, sponsoring races, teams and shops. With each new client, they gain more knowledge and through the process, they have established great PR&D relationships, which will lead to new products down the road. I was amazed at how much they packed into their 1,500′ square foot facilities… and yes, I have a kit coming down the pipeline, just in time for cross season.

Also, check out TRACKO’s photos here!

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  • Craig

    sup with those weird frames around some of the pics? film?

    • Shit! I did some lens distortion correction on some of them and forgot to crop it out. This is with my 5dmkii and my 50 1.2 lens. I had to convert them to B&W because of the annoying fluorescent lighting. Oh well… Good eye!

    • Trackosaurusrex

      Ha!  I thought he was trying to do some weird Large Format border!


    Im taking that LA TEXAS NYC is a peek at the new Prolly kit.

    • Nah, that’s the winner’s jersey from the Where the Hell is Waldo race.

  • Doctor_Jones_

    will there be a pre-order like the golden saddle kit or is it first come first served?