Benny’s Custom S&M Racing BMX

Sydney, Australia has always had a burgeoning BMX scene and it’s still thriving due to rad shops like Hell On Wheels. Tom’s space is part museum and part storefront, where he caters to the local park rats and street thrashers alike, all while keeping his eyes and ears to the American brands.

When one of his customers, Benny wanted a custom BMX racing bike, they hit up S&M. A few months later and viola, Benny’s custom S&M bicycle moto-cross machine was done. Happy Friday morning Sydney, here’s a Beautiful Bicycle for ya.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Coop

    That is one hell of a bike. Thompson + Salsa QR:  balleur.

  • Tom

    Cheers for the pics mate, they turned out great. For the record Ben is the one and only racer that we sponsor. He is currently racing in the Elite mens class at a national level. He is aiming at  making it into the 2016 olympic team and at the rate he is going I think we should all be looking out for the name Benny Hidalgo in the future. He is also one of if not the only elite racer in the country to be riding a full cromo bike. All the others are on aluminium and carbon clad machines but Ben is keeping it real! YEW!!!!! Thanks again John!

  • Dmrbrad

    I love my S&M,that frame should last him a very long long time.

  • Benny

    hey mate i never knew my bike looked so Beautiful! cheers for the write up and it was rad meeting you! take it easy mate