Tuesday Teardown: White Orange Giveaway Apr 3, 2012

Psychedelic, cult rock, mixed in with Pacific Northwest vernacular influences is how’d describe White Orange‘s sound. But since they’re such stoners, they rant on about how White Orange embodies a “synesthesia of sound and movement, an ideological translucent experience, jammy epic psychedelic trance rock”. If you grew up listening to desert rocksters Kyuss, or had your skateboarding sessions fueled by Dinosaur Jr, these guys are for you. Hell, my dad’s love for King Crimson trickled over into my childhood music taste. All of these bands, mixed in with some Alex Grey-inspired cult album art make White Orange one unique band. And you can win some of their music, including a 2x LP.

Tuesday Teardown is back and I figured I’d start it off with something a lil different.

Check out more below.

This 2x LP, released on Made in China Records, has some over the top cover art by Raul Casillas.

The clear blue and clear green add to the trippy vibes and each LP comes with an MP3 disk.

So how does all this relate to PiNP and Tuesday Teardown? This is Mt. Hood, an iconic mountain, just outside Portland. There are various crit races and rides in this beautiful mountain’s foothills. Instagram, Facebook and Flickr are always flooded with photos of Mt. Hood and I know some of you live in Portland, so I want you to share your vista of Mt. Hood with the PiNP audience and White Orange.

The giveaway is simple:

-Shoot a photo of Mt. Hood, OR any mountain, climb, whatever. Even a bridge counts! You can use 35mm, digital, Instagram (which is now available for Android), Flickr, whatever.

-Post the photo in the Disgus comments (there’s an option to upload an image) – just make sure your photo is resized at 700px wide.

-And I’ll pick three winners. Each winner will get a nice package from the members of White Orange. First place will get a 2x LP and band swag, Second place will get a 2x LP and Third will receive a CD and various band swag from the members.

-You’ve got till next Tuesday!

-Ok go!

  • Foster

    I like that I just learned instagram is available for android on PiNP

  • andrew.

    im diggin’ the visionary art.

  • visual cortex overloaded.  must participate in contest, despite utter lack of talent as a photographer.

  • tourblvd

    Mountains and Bridges make for a good tour…

  • Tyler Johnson

    I’m definitely going to take some pics when I head down to the grandparents for the weekend. Stoked on this, and the band is dope! Thanks for sharing.

  • haha wish i checked this blog earlier. Passed by Mt. Hood a couple hours ago.

  • Trackosaurusrex

    The Playground!

  • Some bridges w/ my holga, always a good ride.

  • This Easter is my first time back in the saddle since being hit by a drunk driver on Thursday night while driving my pedicab.  The only person willing and happy to watch my crippled ass limp up Mt. Bonnell and coast back down was my girl Liz.  She looks great on the bike I bought her for Christmas.  Today was her first time riding clipless which resulted in the inevitable skinned knee early on our ride.  So she rode on with a smile and a trickle of blood down her shin.  The going was slow but I’m just happy I got to go at all.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/joesonx/7064513111/ as close as i could get to a bridge. or a hill. ;)

  • Stew!

    Took a week long break from pedicabbing the mean streets of Austin, Tx and went snowboarding in Silverton, Co!