The 5th Floor: Levi’s Commuter Apr 21, 2012

The guys at the 5th Floor put together a video commemorating the launch of the new Levi’s Commuter line.

  • HA

    someone should show this video to andy ellis from fixie mag. its how you do a colabo video

  • Ronny

    what a load of shit – didnt see anything about the products, just some macaframabollox, maybe the products are not all they are hyped up to be? wow if that girl with geek glasses thinks they’re cool then damn i better get some!! fuck off…

  • Josh

    Just gonna say it again here, since it seems like Levis might actually see it. Please make these based on the 514’s so my giant calves will fit.

  • Loz

    finally levis selling in europe only problem i’m in italy and they are only available in poncy blue and i’m not a ponce

  • Cervejt12

    soppy bollocks

  • Customer

    Too bad that they didn’t last much longer than 3 weeks until they started to get holes right next to the back pockets..
    Crap quality!