Stoned Tone’s Pinarello

Remember this bike? Well, this is what it looks like after almost two years of street thrashing. Tone’s taken this baby everywhere and it’s accumulated a lot of character in the process. There’s nothing like riding Italian steel all day as your work bike.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Spoon

    Is that a friends ‘tag’ or did he really get hit-up by a ‘street-artists’? Ha-ha.

    Great photos once again, Prolly! 

    • Javon

      That’s his ‘tag’

  • what kind of saddle is he rockin??

    • yeah.

      looks like an old wtb [and my favorite post of all time, a control tech]

  • something about those BMX platforms juxtaposed with the Campy components just looks awesome

     the G.O.A.T. head badge is pretty killer too

  • Geri

    This man truly loves this bike, otherwise it wouldn’t look as grimey as it does.
    Steve rocking the Clementine! Whoot!

  • curt mcgirt

    sad. he needed an old schwinn sprint instead if he was going to destroy it

    • No he doesn’t. It’s his bike, not yours. Let a man use what he owns. Bikes belong on the streets, not in museums. Besides, it’s nothing too crazy rare or special. It’s just a Pinarello!